Youtube Movies released

Having reached an agreement with several U.S. movie companies, YouTube launched its free movie playback and hosting service.

The service starts off with 400 free on demand movies, which can be accessed through the URL

YouTube closed deals with various companies including Lionsgate, Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Sony Pictures and the online rental company based in the UK, Blinkbox.

“This is one of many efforts we make to ensure that people can find different types of video they want to see from ‘vlogs’ and citizen journalism to feature movies and television programs,” said the head of YouTube video partnerships, Donagh O’Malley, to the British newspaper The Guardian.

“We hope that movie lovers enjoy the ample scope of films in this free video library, from a ‘hit’ or the vast archive of classic movies from decades past,” he added.

The option of watching movies on Youtube already existed, but thanks to these new deals, the supply will increase significantly in the coming months.

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