Your phone as dirty as a public toilet?

Microfiber cleaning clothsNobody forgets the day they received their first iPhone, just like your very first kiss, the enjoyment, your heart beats faster, open the awesome box, there lies the strong well-designed mobile phone, clean, pristine, just saying “touch me”, so you do. You enjoy all the completely clever specifics, the bezel, the perfect smooth back surface, you really feel the quality, ahhh.

You start using it daily and then unexpectedly you find yourself asking: just what is that white stuff on the display? Or that sticky crap on the home button? Eeek! Is that tooth paste? Pizza ?! And that’s only what you can actually see!

A short article released in the Wall Street Journal mentions that smartphones have “abnormally high amounts of coliforms, microorganisms indicating fecal contamination.” Phones tested by HML Labs of Muncie, Ind., had between 2,700 and 4,200 units of coliform microorganisms. In drinking water, the limit is less than 1 bacteria each 100 ml of water. “The outcomes are quite bad,” claims Dr. Donald Hendrickson, president of HML Labs and professor emeritus of clinical microbiology at Ball State University. He says the results show mostly a lack of hand-washing and appropriate hygiene. One study by University of London’s School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, discovered that “1-in-6 cell phones are infected with feces.” Fecal, a PC name for … you guessed it, poop!
Smartphones are victims of our life and routines, an iPhone is exactly what you eat (covered at the very least by it) and other things also. Cellular phones are dirty, they carry bunches of microorganisms so it also is essential to make cleaning it a daily routine, just as you shower and clean your teeth on a regular basis.

Our suggestions:

  1. Be gentle, one of the most vital suggestions when cleansing your cellular phone, additionally when choosing the tools and products to wash your device.
  2. Do not use Windex or any type of glass cleaner with ammonia. Harsh chemicals ruin the screens with time. Never ever make use of paper towels, not even damp. The rough fibers could scratch the display surface. Use a top quality microfiber cleaning cloth.
  3. Never spray anything directly on your gadget. Water and electronic devices are a bad mix. Lightly moisten a microfiber cloth and rub it down.
  4. Use a UV disinfectant stick as the very best cleaning option since its light rays kill pathogens without touching the phone, this is recommended by Derek Meister, from Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

There are several microfiber cleaning cloth choices on the market, a new top quality choice has just can be found in to the marketplace, Clean Screen Wizard, a Danish Company has actually produced a Premium Quality 6-pack set that will certainly make the cleansing tasks simple.

  • Phenomenal package of 6 microfiber cleaning cloths: 1 big (12″x 8″) white one for larger displays and 5 medium (7″ x 6″) ones for smaller sized displays.
  • Separately packed in useful PVC cases for safe, simple storage and transportation.
  • Delicately and effectively gets rid of fingerprints, gunk, oil and smears from delicate surface areas without liquids.
  • Eliminates approximately 99% of the bacteria on your touch screen, without added solvents or fluids.
  • Leaves surfaces lint, dirt, mark and scratch free.
  • Microfiber’s electrostatic properties remove static that draws in dust with other cleansing options.
  • Washable (over 200 times), reusable & long lasting.

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