Venezuela’s renewed opposition weakens Chavez

– An embittered president Hugo Chavez challenged his opposition to convene a recall referendum ‘if they feel so cocky.”

With a final balance of 98 MPs to the ruling party, 65 for the Bureau of Democratic Unity (MUD) and 2 for the breakaway Chavez party Patria Para Todos, Venezuela’s parliamentary elections marked, in a strictly legal sense, the return of opposition to the National Assembly.

But reading between the lines there is much more to these numbers, they also eliminate the two-third majority of the official party representation in the NA and represents Venezuelan opposition’s recovery, not only in the number of seats, but also in the total votes nationwide, according to the MUD, reaching 52 percent of the voting population.

With this in mind, the opposition, now, for the first time in at least 5 years (after the last parliamentary election in which it did not participate) knows just how strong it is and what it can do.

Political analyst Carlos Romero told El Tiempo that these results “are good for the country’s democracy, Venezuelan opposition has shown that it does not conspire, that is can overcome the limitations and advantages the ruling party has and managed in a united form to attract the electorate’s trust. It also offers a new moment for pluralism (…) as the National Assembly names, among other things, members of the judicial, moral and electoral powers. “

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