U.S. complains over lack of pressure on Cuba on Human Rights, according to WikiLeaks

There are also complaints on measures that prevent foreign official visitors to meet with Cuban dissidents.

United States regrets that most of the countries that have relations with Cuba fail to apply pressure on the human rights issue, according to a cable from its diplomats in Havana, revealed WikiLeaks.

The report of the Interests Section of the United States in Cuba (Sina), dated November 2009, notes that most of the 100 countries with diplomatic missions in Havana “do not pressure” on human rights issues “at all. ”

The Sina diplomats also complain that the foreign official visitors avoid meeting Cuban dissidents so as to not annoy the authorities.

“The Government of Cuba has been able to put a wall between the independent civil society (dissents) and foreign visitors, most of which have been willing to yield to Cuban intimidation and avoid meetings,”.

Among those visitors quote Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, the Swiss human rights commissioner, Rudolf Knoblauch, and the Canadian minister in charge of America, Peter Kent.

“Not only did they not meet with anybody but Cuban officials, but neither did they bother to publicly call for more freedom after visiting Cuba,” the cable states, released Friday by the daily El Pais.

It adds that “the Cuban government deploys many resources to silence its visitors. In most cases, the reward for accepting the official requirements are often ridiculous, lavish dinners and for the most submissive, a photo with one of the Castro brothers. “

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