Two meteorites caused the dinosaur extinction

– A new study by British researchers now says that the worldwide extinction of dinosaurs was caused by two, not one as had been proposed earlier, meteorites hitting the Earth 65 million years ago.

The researchers at the University of Aberdeen, UK, led by Professor David Jolley, say there is evidence of a second impact in Ukraine, as published in the magazine Geology.

This newly discovered meteorite in Ukraine would be added to the one already identified to have fallen in the Gulf of Mexico. The finding of a second crater in Ukraine suggest that the dinosaurs were extinguished by a double impact rather than only one as previously thought.

The Boltysh crater was discovered in 2002 but until now nobody knew how it was related to the Chicxulub crater in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Ukrainian Crater seems to be a much smaller impact than the one in Yucatan. It measures only 24 kilometers in diameter compared to the 180 of the Mexican one. It is estimated that the ashes thrown into the atmosphere correspond to about 25 square kilometers.

Simon Kelly of the Open University and an author of the study states that “it is possible that in the future there will be evidence of other impacts.” That’s why, researchers believe that dinosaurs were victims of a meteor shower, which happened over the course of thousands of years.

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