Tron a highlight at San Diego’s Comic-Con Festival

– One of the highlights of the International Comics Congress, Comic-Con, which ends tomorrow in San Diego, California, was having the chance of watching the first scenes of the new film “Tron: The Legacy”.

The sold-out event, which began last Wednesday, was also visited by the production crew and actors from the new Disney movie, which debuts in December.

The film’s protagonist, Oscar winner Jeff Bridges, was accompanied by Michael Sheen (Frost / Nixon), Olivia Wilde (Alpha Dog) and Garrett Hedlund (Troy), plus writers, producers and the director, Joseph Kosinski.

Tron: The Legacy is based on the science fiction classic, 1982, Tron, which also had Bridges in the lead role.

This is the third consecutive year in which Disney has gone to Comic-Con presenting Tron and its drafts to the legion of fans of fantasy worlds, graphic novels and science fiction that fill the fair annually.

“It’s great that people have so much expectation, feel that energy?”, said Bridges at a news conference.

The The Big Lebowski (1998) actor recognized the importance taht fans have in having the movie finally receive a green light by Disney, after the welcome he had in 2008, at Comic-Con, after showing some sample images.

“That helped the financing” stated the actor, who admitted that for years he had lost hope that the film would be done.

Tron: The Legacy got a budget of 150 million dollars, according to Variety magazine, and was shot in 3D with the same cameras used in James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar.

Tron: The Legacy retook the lead character of Tron, Kevin Flynn (Bridges), considered at the time the best video game programmer in the world and who mysteriously disappeared into a digital universe that he created, and shifts the burden of the plot to the relationship with his son, Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund).

The director of the original version, Steven Lisberger, was delighted with the revival of his movie.

“Tron’s aesthetic is one of the most powerful out there. It has been a myth for an entire generation and now we start to feel all the energy that has been absent during these years”.

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