The Beatles Red & Blue Album remasters published

“The music from these collections changed everything,” proclaims the American writer Bill Flanagan in the notes accompanying the new edition of these two double albums, which went on sale for the first time in 1973, including some rare photos of the group.

The launch complements the original album re-releases of The Beatles a year ago and brings these collections to the same spectacular sound quality achieved in the prior remastered The Beatles albums.

The two double albums were originally published with the official title “The Beatles/1962-1966” and “The Beatles/1967-1970” but were quickly called “Red” and “Blue” by the general public due to the album cover color, as had happened five years earlier with the “White Album.”

The collections correspond to the two stages of the Liverpool group music and has served for nearly four decades as an introduction to the music of the British quartet.

The 26 songs included in the two red CD’s from the “Red Album” rememorate The Beatles’ rise to stardom with “Please Please Me”, “From me to you” and “I want to hold your hand”, and also reviews albums “With The Beatles”, “A Hard Day’s Night”, “Beatles for sale”, “Help”, “Rubber Soul” and “Revolver”, published in 1966, when the group stopped giving concerts.

Experimentation in the studio makes up the second stage in The Beatles career and can be heard right from the beginning of the “Blue Album”, with “Strawberry Fields Forever” published in 1967. The second compilation includes 28 tracks following the LP sequence of The Beatles albums during this period, from “Sgt Pepper’s” to “Abbey Road”, “Magical Mystery Tour” and the “White Album.” When these compilations were released for the first time, all four Beatles members had already launched their solo careers.

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