The 33 Chilean miners work together to sell their story to Hollywood

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the group is creating a corporation with an expert team in copyrights for a single agreement on the sale of the script and the book of his odyssey.

SANTIAGO .- It’s not just a nice idea of partnership and commitment.

The 33 miners that were locked up in the San José mine in the northern part of Chile, rolled up their sleeves and are now working with the attorney William Carey, a specialist in copyright and trademark, to sell the story of their survival story to Hollywood.

This would be attained through a corporation, which is close to being legally established, through which the miners will be able to bargain collectively, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

This corporation is being created under the supervision of William Carey and other intellectual property lawyers. Professionals are preparing a trip to Los Angeles in the coming weeks to meet with industry executives and to secure a deal.

The idea is to try to include a U.S. media company in the deal, both the rights of the script as well as a book. To achieve this, Carey is in contact with the U.S. law firm Arent Fox.

Pact of Silence

Carey reminded the media that the initial agreement between the miners means they can make public appearances and get paid for giving talks. But they can not discuss what happened in the mine nor can they sign other contracts that seek to capitalize on their respective stories. “The ties are so strong that I see them very committed to its covenant of silence,” said Carey.

According to the publication, U.S. industry experts say that the book should not have problems obtaining a considerable sum of money. What is important is to have a household name writing the work, so that important directors like Danny Boyle or Peter Greengrass become interested in the project.

Carey explained that the script of their customers will be much stronger and more grabbing than the Spanish movie “The 33 of San Jose.”

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