Ten destinations you have to visit

– The online travel agency Destinia.com offers us ten different destinations for an unforgettable holiday. Ten countries that may be hard to find on a map, ten jewel destinations that are lesser known, ten trips of a lifetime, ten genuine experiences and adventures. Here are the choice.

1. Bhutan a small isolated country in the Himalayas where the GDP is set according to the happiness of its inhabitants, and where tourism is highly restricted in order to maintain their ancient traditions intact. This is the mystical Kingdom of Bhutan, known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, according to ancient beliefs the weather phenomenons were caused by the roar of dragons. A paradise for lovers of Buddhist culture and trekking.

2. Burma. Kipling said of this country that it is “a land quite unlike any other known.” This fascinating destination of Southeast Asia each year attracts travelers looking for its temples and palaces, beautifully ornamented with precious metals and stones. Its shores are washed by the waters of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.

3. Seychelles is one of the last untouched tropical paradises, the kind that seem to exist only in movies. Enjoy the miraculous nature far from civilization, and even in some enclaves in the strictest privacy. This republic, located northwest of Madagascar, is made up of 155 islands and coral granite origin, surrounded by white sand beaches bathed by the warm clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

4. Tanzania contains within its borders famous parks like the Serengeti and Kilimanjaro, or the wonderful crater of Ngorongoro. In Tanzania you will have the opportunity to experience strong emotions, such as diving, swimming with dolphins in the waters of the Indian Ocean in a balloon or flying over Africa’s land.

5. Imagine a place where Jamaica’s Blue Mountains give way to the green plains, large rivers full of hidden enclaves, golden beaches with turquoise waters and rich colonial past cities that vibrate to the rhythm of reggae and offer some of the best examples of painting, sculpture and pottery from around the Caribbean … This paradise destination is Jamaica, increasingly demanded by many Hollywood stars to enjoy a relaxing and miraculous nature, which combines fun and relaxation.

6 Kenya. Anyone wishing to experience the pure and authentic Africa must travel to Kenya: the perfect balance between culture and wildlife, tourism and ecology. A journey where time stands still and you can fully feel the attraction of an infinite horizon that always saves a new landscape.

7. Jordan. Who has not dreamed of a trip to Jordan and spend a night in the desert, enjoy purifying mud baths, visit the mysterious ruins of ancient cities or take the same route as the Emperor Adrian, visiting Biblical and legionary fortresses cities? The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan offers the possibility of making travel dreams and enjoy unique experiences.

8. Guatemala is a land of eternal spring, the land of volcanoes, the abode of the early Maya and the home of the quetzal bird. This small republic of Central America is home of treasured natural and exuberant cities that boast a rich colonial influence. Eco-tourism in this country is in perfect conditions.

9. Chile from the Atacama Desert to the frozen wastes of Patagonia, the Chilean landscape is capable of combining amazing saline land, large tracts of vineyards, lakes located in the foothills of dormant volcanoes, beautiful beaches and islands, lush forests, spectacular glaciers, together with the fine examples of pre-Columbian rock art, allow any plan for adventure, relaxation or a cultural escape.

10. Finland. Discover a country where nature shows its many faces. Forests, endless archipelago of hundreds of islands and more than 150,000 lakes form the geography of the destination visited by Santa Claus where you can see the aurora borealis or live permanently in the daytime.

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