Somalia hotel suicide bombing: death toll 43

– The death toll in the Somalian suicide attack today has been raised to 43. Midmorning blasts followed an hour-long gun battle which also left more than 40 people injured, most of them civilians. The attack was on Muna Hotel in Mogadishu, states an updated report from the Somali Information Minister, Abderrahman Omar Uthman.

The suicide attack included a number of explosives and a gunman raising the death toll from 15 to 43, making it the deadliest attack on the transitional federal government.

Among those killed in the attack by the armed group al-Shabaab, linked to the Al Qaeda, were are at least six members of the MP and five government soldiers, the official confirmed in comments broadcast on Al Jazeera.

The minister said Somalia is now in the sights of “global terrorism” and needs “international support”, at the same time he emphasized the government’s decision to “eliminate al-Shabaab,” which he said receives support from outside Somalia’s borders.

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