Science against the Mayan “predictions”

A few days before the December 21st deadline, different institutions such as NASA and the Vatican have declared the alleged Mayan predictions of the end of the world as false, despite of this followers of these apocalyptic ideas continue.  According to the newspaper, U.S. agencies have received thousands of emails asking for instructions on how to deal with the catastrophe that they expect, even people have threatened to commit suicide.

However, to this day no strange behavior has been reported on Earth, or in Heaven, and meanwhile the sun maintains its normal activity.  So the concerns are exaggerated, and various specialists from different areas of lnowledge, such as Guillermo Bernal, of the UNAM, say the end of the long count Mayan calendar represents a symbolic rebirth, plus it cleared by different sources that the Mayan idea is that time is cyclical so there is no end, just more beginnings.

Different astronomers and NASA itself, have argued that astronomy considers the forecasts improbable and haven’t seen any noticeable changes in magnetic fields or in space. Just so you have no doubts, December 21st 2012 will come and go as any normal day.

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