Salma Hayek: “I lived in the U.S. as an illegal immigrant”

Since Arizona enacted the controversial SB 1070, with which police can interrogate and detain any person based on “reasonable suspicion” that is an illegal immigrant in the United States, it has sparked a debate regarding the rights of undocumented in the country.

In this context, the Mexican actress Salma Hayek, admitted that for a time she lived illegally in Los Angeles, as an acting student, since her visa expired and she spent time without renewing it.

“My condition was undocumented for a short time but survived until I renew my visa,” said the 44 year old actress to the Spanish magazine V.

Hayek added that during her first years in America she had to endure the discrimination of Hollywood producers, as they did not believe that a Latina could play a leading role, a fact that she and Jennifer Lopez were able to reverse.

“Now the TV and movie industry have learned to celebrate Latino stories, thanks to work I have done myself and Jennifer Lopez,” concludes the actress.

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