REM will release a new album ‘Collapse Into now’

On March 8, 2011 the new album will be released, but it will be available on iTunes from December 20, 2010.

U.S. band REM announced the release date of their new album, ‘Collapse Into now. ”

For the fifteenth album, the rock stars from Athens return to their trusted producer Jacknife Lee, who has worked with U2, Snow Patrol, and has helped with the group’s previous album ‘Accelerate’.

‘Discoverer’, ‘Oh my heart’, ‘Every day is yours to win’, ‘Walk it back’ or ‘Blue’ are some of the twelve songs recorded on the disc that features collaborations with Patti Smith, Eddie Vedder or Joel Gibb.

The most anxious will not have to wait until 2011 to enjoy the new songs from REM, as it will be available for purchase on iTunes starting December 20th.

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