Punto Digital Staff

Punto Digital draws from the knowledge of various author/writers, they either have a professional background on the subject they write about or are fans of the subject matter and have personal experience in it. You can contact them using their first name and then @puntodigital.com. For general contact e-mail us using info at puntodigital.com, the easiest way to contact us is using our contact page.

Holger Pedersen
Having worked most of his life in Danish banks, Holger has quite a bit of experience in both business, finance and marketing, he’s in charge of the Business section (which includes Marketing & Finance too) on Punto Digital.

Luis Aguilar

Though trained as a Marketing expert, he’s worked most of his professional life as a designer and art director for a Publicity company in Mexico, he’s also quite versed in arts and enjoys keeping up to date on the entertainment industry too. He is in charge of the Entertainment (and Arts) section of this news site.

Alfredo Gallardo
Though not a professional sportsman, he’s a championship winner in Windsurf, both black and brown belt in Karate & Iaido, trains footbag, mountain biking, expert in weight training and keeping a healthy lifestyle, of course he’s in charge of the Health & Sports news section.

Tom Ingersen
With a PhD. in Physics (Einstein’s General relativity), decades of experience in different astronomy related jobs working designing instruments for science, including the first megapixel CCD chips, he’s also a techie guy, building computers almost from scratch in the early 80’s. Tom has always had to keep up to date on science and is therefore in charge of that section and the Tech section too.

Ole Marcussen
Having travelled around the world, living in both Europe, North and South America even some time on Grand Canaria, plus his current work coordinating volunteers around the world on 4 continents, makes Ole a perfect travel advisor, he’s of course in charge of the Travel and Global News sections on PuntoDigital.com