Puerto Vallarta Malecón renovation work advances

Downtown Puerto Vallarta is being renovatedFederal, state and municipal government continue the work to improve and strengthen the seaside walkway called the “Malecon”. This project was completely necessary, not only due to safety considerations, but also to revive and draw more tourism to downtown Puerto Vallarta.

A Jalisco Civil Defense representative explained that sand and small particulates had affected the foundation of the Malcon sea wall. The government decided to invest 4.5 million dollars to solve the problem.

Following Hurricane Kenna and its path of destruction on October 2002, the malecon was repaired as fast as possible, to prepare the city for the following high season, the makeshift structural stone wall was not made durable enough due to time constraints.

Jaime Castillo Chavez, the current project’s architect stated that the new structure’s geometry will take into account wave dynamics, offering a curved wall, which will act as a breakwater structure. The current model is used in many coastal cities around Europe and has shown promising and positive results.

The Puerto Vallarta Malecón is also being remodeled for business reasons. The malecon needed a new image, some statues will be relocated, though the “Seahorse” statue will not be moved as it is an important landmark in Puerto Vallarta. Many new native trees will be used on the walkway, which will provide more natural shade and help pedestrians enjoy the walk without having to follow the edges of the buildings in the morning shade and this will also allow more foot traffic in the warmer hours of the day.

Puerto Vallarta Webcam

See the Malecon changes in realtime on the Vallarta Web cam

Another facet of the project is to make the space more pedestrian friendly, the concrete surface will be in natural cobblestone, that absorbs heat better and reflects it in a way that will make it more enjoyable for the visitors, furthermore the stones will be in shades from gray to red, helping to add a more colonial Mexican appearance to the Malecon.

Six meter benches will be added and the road will be reduced to two lanes with a 20 mph speed limit, this will help diminish traffic, as motor vehicles will choose alternative and faster routes.

Watch changes in realtime on the Puerto Vallarta Webcam: http://www.puertovallarta.net/interactive/webcam/index.php

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