Puerto Vallarta is safe despite misleading USA-Canadian media

Once again the US-Canadian Media take the opportunity to misinform regarding the safety of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

The local Vallarta tourism industry makes it clear that the Mexican beach destination is safe for North american tourists, after the media took the opportunity to link a murder, while resisting an armed assault, of a former 67 year old Saltspring Island citizen in Melaque, a town far from Puerto Vallarta and in no way related to its tourism activities.

If you’ve ever taken the opportunity to travel to Melaque, you’d know it’s part of the area called Costalegre in Barra de Navidad far from Vallarta and not a relevant international tourist destination and it’s 220 kilometers south of Vallarta. So now it’s time to scare people from going to Orlando because there was a murder in Miami, or informing people that there was a murder in Vancouver when it occured in Seattle or Tacoma in Washington State?

Gustavo Rivas Solis, of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board, sent messages to newspapers last Thursday, asking that Puerto Vallarta not be used as a reference point to describe the location of the slaying. “In your article you mention that the robbery took place in the city of Melaque, which is in the state of Jalisco, same as Puerto Vallarta, but more than 200 kilometers away and in a district unrelated to Puerto Vallarta,” Solis said.

In June, the Puerto Vallarta tourism board had a security firm to review the security and threat in the destination. The company informed that  negative events that include foreigners or non-foreigners is “fractional” compared to the large population of foreigners that reside in the city and the millions of tourists that travel to Puerto Vallarta each year.

Prospective travelers had not expressed concerns over their safety in Mexico.

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