Porsche Cajun, an SUV smaller than the Cayenne

This new Porsche model will be a lighter SUV to be called Cajun. At the same time, the German brand is planning a new generation or the other sports models.

Porsche announced that it will promote the development of a series of new models that would go into production soon.

The first is known under the trade name of ‘Cajun’, a SUV with an efficient engine and sporty presence with which extended the sport utility vehicle segment in which cap ‘premium’ is the famous Cayenne.

The “Cajun” will also lightweight, easy maneuverability and agility and is destined to be the entry model in this new segment of Porsche, aimed at a younger audience.

This model would be the fifth of the portfolio, along with the 911, Boxter, the Panamera and Cayenne Porsche and thus seeks to double its annual sales to achieve nearly 150 000 units by 2014.

Likewise, it was announced that Porsche will develop future platforms for sports cars and luxury sedans belonging to the Volkswagen brand, which acquired 49.9 percent of the legendary sports brand.

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