Sony Playstation PSP Cell Phone appears, take care iPhone!

– An amazing announcement from Sony including images and specifications on its PSP Phone or also known as the Playstation Phone via Engadget, which makes it clear that we can now play and call our friends too (and of course not necessarily at the same time).

This is an interesting gamble for Sony in the smartphone market, the question is whether it will work. Is it a idea that will be successful or a desperate attempt to spin the Sony Ericsson brand?

This portable device will not fall short in power.

– MSMM8655 Qualcomm 1GHz processor.
– RAM 512.
– ROM de 1GB.
– Screen between 3.7 and 4.1 inches.

It also has a central touch pad -and, oh surprise, they’ve eliminated the UMD reader, the Memory Stick slot and they’ve included a MicroSD reader.

Is this PSP2?

Not really, it looks more like a new device, Sony is trying to exploit its PSP customer base trying to give a boost to its poor participation in the smartphone market, where it is sixth with 2.5%, according to iSuppli.

Beware iPhone

Of all the existing devices, iPhone is the direct competitor of this new console Sony PSP smartphone. Why? Of all the existing smart phones, the Apple iPhone is the one best prepared for videogame experience, however, it does not completely satisfy it.

In this sense, the Sony PlayStation Phone has a great opportunity to exploit this market segment with high-quality titles, which is still unseen on smart phones and, of course, supported by the Android OS, which will probably be the recently announced Gingerbread version.

When will it be sold?

There is no PSP Phone release date, however, it will surely be available in early 2011 with a new design, we must point out that the image here is only a prototype, and will surely be more visually appealing.

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