Playa Escondida, the jewel of the Marieta Islands to reopen

The National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, announced this week the resumption of tourism activities in Playa Escondida, also known as the Lovers Beach. Strict controls and measures to protect flora and fauna remain in effect and visits area shall be supervised by that commission.


Among the regulations that remain in Playa Escondida, the limit of allowed daily visitors stands out, which remains at 116, organized in groups and whose visit will have a maximum duration of 30 min except on Monday and Tuesday as the beach will remain closed for maintenance. Also only boats with 15 passengers or less may move to the area and visitors are not allowed to use snorkeling or scuba gear.

Although these are strict measures it is worth remembering that this is for the protection of this natural sanctuary and the recovery of the coral reefs, which so far is progressing well.

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