Nissan Leaf starts sales in the U.S.

Nissan is a milestone in automotive history with the delivery of the first serially produced electric car of the brand, the Leaf, a resident of the Bay of San Francisco, who bought it and since last Monday became the first person U.S. to purchase a vehicle at a dealership with this type of propulsion.

Chalouhi Olivier received the black model in the North Bay Nissan dealer in Petaluma, in the San Francisco area, a region where the authorities are more committed to the promotion of this new type of mobility-friendly environmental car.

In fact, it tops the list with the highest number of reservations of this car and where local government is responsible for developing the necessary infrastructure for these vehicles.

The following states where Leaf will be handed over Arizona, Oregon, Seattle, Tennessee and southern California, with cars already on display. A second shipment will arrive on December 20th to be released before year’s end. Obviously, all of them are pre-sold.

“Electricity is the new gasoline cars, and Nissan Leaf has the potential to transform the auto industry and the way in which people drive,” said Carlos Tavares, president of Nissan America. Starting today, drivers are free to choose a future without emissions. This represents the end of the trip to the gas station.

This vehicle will be sold for $30000 dollars and was recently named Car of the Year 2011 in Europe, overtaking 40 conventional cars.

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