New anti-cellulite and anti-wrinkle nanocosmetics

A new generation of beauty products, which act as stop signs and regulate skin aging on the face and legs. They are usually packaged in small boxes, because a single drop of these cosmetic creams and lotions are required to show effects on the epidermis. Here’s a preview of these nano-cosmetics for you.

When you talk of a serum you enter the market of ‘powerful’ anti-wrinkle products. In some cases they are based on nanotechnology, the application of advanced biochemistry and physics in cosmetics, and they are defined by experts as the “manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular level”, another reason for the reduced size of these beauty products and their estimated skin penetration ranges.

What do they do? Mainly they iron out wrinkles, restore skin firmness, moisturize, tone and restore youth around the eyes. Some are even attributed effect on cellulite and skin spots.

The term serum has its origin in cosmetics was because they originally included a high percentage of horse serum, which until very recently it was difficult to obtain, but thanks to techno-scientific advances has become a mass production ingredient.

How can you identify these cosmetics? They are usually thick with a smooth texture, slightly opalescent or iridescent. They differ from creams in that they are products with a higher concentration of components and almost immediate absorption (because they don’t contain oils or fat), which lets them promise results in record time.

These cosmetics don’t need to be applied at specific moments or times. However, they are normally a complement to moisturizers as they treat wrinkles by feeding them.

Five versions of the versatile product

Hair: used especially to control rebellious strands, dry and dull. Also to give softness and shine to damaged hair and prevent curl. Some contain complex Chrono-actif, ie, gradually release their components so that they can penetrate the hair fiber. They also have “Daily antidegradation protection.”

Cellulite: created to deal with cellulite. Where to Apply Especially on thighs, buttocks, hips and belly in a circular motion until the absorbance of twice a day. Ingredients: L-Carnitine to burn fat, and lotus extract to stimulate natural drainage channels.

Antistress, outlined to face excessively exposed to sun or sudden changes in climate. Natural pigments usually have jojoba oil and gotu kola, to soften the skin, canola oil, to feed the irritated skin, Squalene and ceramides to form a protective barrier on the skin active.

Illuminators: to avoid fatigue of skin affected by sun, by snuff or pollution. Activate blood circulation. Look for them with vegetable extracts.

Smoothing: used to prevent or counteract the lines. Are your assets? Elastin, elastic protein responsible for skin elasticity, hyaluronic acid, moisturizing natural collagen to fill wrinkles.

The most used are the serum-type lift, which help you in last minute events because they stretch the skin and fight signs of fatigue immediately.

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