‘Megamind’ continues on the top of U.S. Box Office

Next after ‘Megamind’ is ‘Unstoppable’ with actor Denzel Washington and ‘Due Date’ with Robert Downey Jr.

DreamWorks satire of an evil but brilliant superhero remains on the top of the U.S. box office, according to preliminary numbers released Sunday by box office tracker Exhibitor Relations.

‘Megamind’, another animation hit in the U.S., raised $ 30 million from Friday through Sunday in U.S. and Canada, accumulating $ 89.7 million in ticket sales only in USA.

In second place was ‘Unstoppable’, an action film by Tony Scott with Denzel Washington, grossing 23.5 million dollars in its first week, followed by ‘Due date’, a comedy in which Robert Downey Jr embarks on a delirious trip before becoming a father, grossed $ 15.5 million.

The science fiction film ‘Skyline’, from Greg and Colin Strause, in which men face the aliens, was in fourth place with $ 11.6 million and the comedy ‘Morning Glory’, starring Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton in the fifth place with 9.6 million.

‘For colored girls’, the new U.S. film director Tyler Perry comedy leaving to go into the drama, grossed $ 6.7 million and was ranked the sixth, followed by ‘Red’, a comedy from a comic strip, which raised 5.1 million.

In eighth place was ‘Paranormal activity 2’, with 3 million dollars of revenue, before ‘Saw 3D’, the seventh installment of the series of horror films, who finished in ninth place with $ 2.7 million .

‘Jackass 3D’, a movie where the young are involved in very unwise adventures, close the tenth place with $ 2.3 million in ticket sales.

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