What are you, Mac or PC?… depends on your personality

Being a Mac or PC user says a lot about your personality and social preferences, according to a study released by the technology specialist site Mashable.

The survey recorded the responses of 388.000 readers of the technology site, who identified with Mac or PC, while revealing political affiliation, age, education, tastes, among other topics. The results reveal that more than half of the respondents identified themselves as PC users, 25% as Mac users and another 25% as “none” of the two.

The survey also shows that Mac users are younger, liberal, easier to adapt to new technologies and that theyseek to be perceived as “unique and different.”

Meanwhile, PC users are older, are more conservative, live in suburbs and have more math skills than people that use Macs.

Recently both Microsoft and Apple are working to emphasize these differences as part of their ad campaigns which reflect the personality of their respective users.

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