Lenovo launches its new tablet LePad

Shanghai Chinese manufacturer of computers, Lenovo, launches its new tablet PC, dubbed “LePad” into a very competitive market dominated by Apple’s iPad.

The tablet, which works with Google’s Android operating system, was presented yesterday at an event reserved for the Chinese media. Lenovo expects that this product will allow its continued expansion into the mobile Internet market.

The LePad will start sales in China this week and will be sold in other countries starting in June, the manufacturer’s spokesman, Jay Chen, told Dow Jones.

In addition to competing with the iPad, the tablet LePad will fight against other rivals such as Dell, Samsung and Research in Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry phone.

The Lenovo LePad tablet has a 26 inch color display and is connected to the Internet, according to different versions, with either WiFi or over 3G network.

The cheapest model, equipped with a 16-gigabyte hard drive will cost $ 533.

Lenovo has a 27% market share in China and is the fourth computer manufacturer in the World.

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