Lego Simpsons, a new makeover.

Lego SimpsonsNow it’s the Simpsons that are getting a Lego-plastic makeover, the creators have now teamed up with the world famous toy company Lego for an entire episode made with the plastic building blocks.

The episode, called “Brick Like Me”, will screen in USA on May 4, includes Homer Simpson waking up in Springfield where everybody and every single thing is built out of Lego blocks, and he have to find a way out before he gets stuck in LEGO world forever.

The Danish company, The Lego Group, first started producing the plastic construction building blocks in 1949, which have become a popular toy around the world over many generations.

The Simpsons, entered its 25th season last year, and the Lego episode will be its 550th show.

The Simpsons as a program has also been renewed for a 26th season, during which producers have teased that one longstanding character will die.

Meanwhile Lego, has become a hot commodity at the box office with its newly released “The Lego Movie”, created in Sydney Australia at Animal Logic animation studio.

Last week’s release of The Lego Movie, which was created in Sydney by animation studio Animal Logic, raked in $US69.1 million ($76.47 million) at the US and Canadian box office in its opening weekend. It collected $US48.8 million to top box office charts for a second week, finishing far ahead of romantic comedy About Last Night, which had ticket sales of $27 million on a US holiday weekend that kicked off on Valentine’s Day.


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