Language tips for your trips

The language is often a problem when we travel abroad. Although many travelers speak English there are some who do not and you will always need to make yourself understood.

Not speaking another language should not be an obstacle to travel, which is why offers a list of some things you should know so that language will not problem on your holiday.

Where to Stay

If you are not fluent in any language, it is best to go to a travel agency. Usually you can book your travel package before you leave. They can guide you to some hotels or hostels in the world where you’ll have an easier time.

If you hire your travel package asks you to pick up from airport to hotel, lest you suffer a bad experience from the start.


If during your trip you have to use transport on your own, you should inquire in advance for services for tourists and some recommendations for how best to move
from place to place.

If you visit large cities, it is advisable to get maps of the metro network and the bus, that will help a lot.

Where to eat

This is one of the biggest problems when you are traveling and do not share the language. In this situation you should opt for international restaurants or those that are within the hotels. To order your food you must know what it is about the menu, an almost impossible task if you do not have an interpreter to side.

Maps also include some restaurants, you may find some that also speak your language.

Build Your Guide

Try to visit the city on your own. Plan your itinerary with the sites you want to visit.

When you walk the city use very well located reference sites, such as buildings or shopping centers to guide you on your return. Always carry your hotel name, as well as extra money in case you have to take a taxi.

How to ask for directions

You’ll probably have to rely on help from others to reach some point in the city, including the subway, bus station or a museum. The best thing to do in this situation is to carry around a notebook and write down their indications.

Dictionary or translator, learn some words

Although you can use maps and guides, you’d better learn some few important words or use an electronic translator. These devices have several phrases in various languages ​​that can assist you.

The main phrases you should learn are:

Hello, thank you, sorry, indicating your nationality, ask the price of something, food, instructions and signs.

Other good words are: hospital, pharmacy, tourist office, bus stop, airport, police, help, embassy, ​​etc.

If you have not defined your trip or planned in advance to your travel adventure, you may run into some difficulties. A good way to find out how simple it is is to go online and research a bit.

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