iOS 4.3.1 is released for iPad, iPhones and iPads

It is possible that some clueless still have not heard that yesterday afternoon, coinciding with the arrival of the iPad 2 at stores is Spain, Mexico and other locations around the world, Apple decided to release a new update to its operating system to fix bugs. To the surprise of friends and strangers, although they announced a few days ago, iOS 4.3.1 was not expected until next week according to estimates by various analysts and rumors of those in the know.

With this new bombshell from the Cupertino, the company intends to regain the confidence of a certain users at the same time offer a solution to a number of minor bugs, so do not expect great innovations of this early review . Especially when it comes to the realization of “jailbreak” is concerned, and it appears that Apple still does not achieve its goal of preventing the release of its terminals.

The rumored intention of the Californian manufacturer in correcting certain shortcomings regarding safety preventing “jailbreaking” the iPhone 4, Phone 3G, iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation, in addition to the iPad, iPad 2, seems have been bypassed again, as the first users on the internet already claim they have completed the jailbreak process with a complicated modification of the PwnageTool software.

It also appears that the problem of excessive consumption of battery found in various models of iPhone appears to have come to an end, but by the manufacturer there is no reference whatsoever to this case. Another novelty is that iOS 4.3.1 provides a graphical solution to a problem that had plagued the fourth-generation iPod touch, plus repair a problem of image flicker when the digital adapter from Apple Digital AV that is used in many television sets.

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