Impressive Internet Stats for 2010

25,000 million Twitter messages sent, 600 million Facebook accounts and 1,970 million Internet users are some of the figures compiled by the firm Pingdom.

WASHINGTON .- Internet users sent 107 billion emails last year, most of them spam, according to the company Pingdom that analyzes Internet traffic. This information was published along with other statistics about network behavior, gathered by the company from various sources.

Pingdom also released numbers on the growth of Twitter and Facebook, the first recruited 100 million new accounts last year and accumulated a total of 175 million in September. In 2010, 25,000 million messages were sent through Twitter, also called “tweets.”

Meanwhile, Facebook already had nearly 600 million users at the end of last year. Of these, 250 million joined the network during 2010.

Pingdom said that by June 2010 there were 1,970 million Internet users, 825.1 million in Asia, 475.1 million in Europe, 266.2 million in North America, 204.7 million in Latin America and the Caribbean , 110.9 million in Africa, Middle East 63.2 million and 21.3 million in Oceania.

They sends a daily average of 294,000 million emails, 89% of which is unsolicited advertising (spam).

Pingdom said there are 2,900 million email accounts worldwide and 152 million blogs. In addition, there are 255 million web pages, 21.4 million more than last year.

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