Hurricane Jova leaves eight dead, landslides and floods in Jalisco

Hurricane Jova’s effects in Jalisco have been startling, a total of 8 people have died and whole communities have been isolated by floods and landslides, both in Jalisco and in the neighboring state of Colima.

Jova, now a tropical storm, touched ground as a Category II hurricane on the dawn of Wednesday in the area around Punta Pérula, in the La Huerta municipality in the state of Colima, 60 kilometers north of Manzanillo. In this state rain flooded rivers, bridges collapsed and various landslides left various communities isolated.

In Tomatlan, a woman and her child died when their home was swept away by a landslide.

Another 21 year old woman and her 5 year old daughter died in another landslide in Cihuatlan, that destroyed part of their house. An area where the Marabasco river and 10 other creeks overflooded on Wednesday morning, flooding many towns in La Huerta, Villa Purificacion, Autlan and Cuautitlan de Garcia Barragan.

Just in Cihuatlan, 39 thousand inhabitants were left without electricity and 5 thousand are reported homeless. The Federal government informs they are helping at least 1,500 inhabitants in around 70 shelters. Civil protection with a helicopter rescued 37 people from roofs and 50 from palmtrees.

In the beach area, rain, strong winds and waves resulted in structural damage to 4 businesses in the tourist area of Barra de Navidad in Cihuatlan.

In Colima, around 4 thousand people were welcomed in 221 shelters installed in the municipalities of Manzanillo, Tecoman, Armeria, Minatitlan, Villa de Alvarez and Colima and school was suspended on all levels on Tuesday.

The Number One Metropolitan Hospital in Manzanillo was evacuated when 9 rivers overflooded and where about to overcome the hospital’s security zone.

In Tecoman, 3 more people were confirmed dead, two in Tecoman itself and one on the Colima-Manzanillo highway, around La Salada where there was a landslide. In Armeria municipality there are two people diappeared.

Puerto Vallarta itself reported minimal incidents and was barely touched by Hurricane Jova, concerns where mostly centered on rivers and creeks which were constantly monitored. At the International Puerto Vallarta airport (Gustavo Díaz Ordaz) seven flights were canceled due to the atmospheric conditions created by the storm.

Current weather in Puerto Vallarta is sunny, watch a live view on the Puerto Vallarta webcam.


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