Holland is the favorite: Weiss

– As he did before the game against Italy (where they won 3-2), the Slovakian coach Vladimir Weiss stated his team has no chance against the Netherlands today in the second round of the World Cup, is this (“false”) modesty to lower the pressure and expectations?

“We will fight with our courage and our faith” said the trainer, playing the role of David facing the giant Goliath.

With an organized game, brave and brilliant at times, the Slovaks knocked the Italian Champions. The team finished second in their group, behind Paraguay.

Weiss is now back to being humble before the decisive match against the Netherlands, hoping the tactic work again. “The Netherlands are a fantastic team” he said. “This team has many players who are in the best clubs in the world, in Spain, Italy, England, who are led by three star DT (Van Marwijk and his two deputies, Frank de Boer and Phillip Cocu)”, he added.

Weiss knows, however, that he does not fool anyone, and confesses that flattering the opponent is a way of putting it under pressure. “Holland are the ogres of this match, the favorites” he says, while acknowledging that “Italy was the favorite” and that his team had nothing to lose”.

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