Google believes that users should have control of their own data

MADRID .- With current news full of issues with security breaches, data theft and the new framework on telecommunications just around the corner, Google’s security chief, Peter Fleischer, stated that a solution to all services would be to allow users to control their own data.

“Nobody, neither we nor the government should make decisions regarding the data from others, because people want to erase everything and others prefer to keep everything, and we believe a model that allows users to decide is the right one,” says the director of data protection at Google.

Much of Fleischer’s work, as he says, is “constant traveling” to experience and learn what the different sensitivities on the subject of privacy are in different parts of the world, as his experience has led him to realize that “privacy is a cultural and historical issue. ”

The map service and panoramic street-level Google Street View, exemplifies this difference of views, “exactly the same service, with the same policy has been accepted in Spain as something positive and has raised a great debate in Germany. ”

Faces and license plates of cars that appear blurred in the images on Street View are done automatically by an algorithm, created in 1997, after successive improvements it is able to detect 99% of the images likely to violate the privacy of subjects. But one percent of the remaining pictures is enough to unleash controversy in some countries.

Rivers of ink has also resulted from the compilation of “tiny fragments of Wi-Fi conversations” when taking snapshots for Street View. The aim was to record Wi-Fi services to launch a geo-location service.

“We recognized that it was a mistake and that our goal was to erase the data,” Fleischer states that he hopes that the still open processes in countries like Spain will soon be closed.

For this security expert “no computer system is one hundred percent secure,” so it is not important that vulnerabilities were discovered, “but rather that they are closed soon.” This speedy reaction time, Google had to show recently, when addressing deficiencies found in its Android operating system.

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