Google announces new GMail features

– Google just announced a series of new features for its free email service Gmail and the translator Google Translate on its official blog.

Gmail improvements now help you sort important messages from those you don’t read so often.

The new feature, called “Priority Inbox”, focuses on the messages that really matter to the user without having to create complex rules, Google said on its official blog.

The application divides the inbox into three sections: “Important and unread”, “main” and “everything else.” As e-mail messages arrive Gmail automatically labels some of them as important.

Gmail uses a variety of clues to predict what messages are important, including the people you most send emails to and what messages you open and respond to more often”, the company said.

Google added that the priority mail will be available to all Gmail users, including those who use Google Apps, next week.

The giant also announced a series of improvements to its Google Translate service, which the company says are aimed so that the user will “discover and take full advantage of the many features and the services integration.”

According to Google, the translator has been revamped visually and there are functional changes that makes it easier to find and use the tool’s features.

The idea is that users can now figure out they can translate an email directly from Gmail or learn that they can use the translator on their mobile phone.

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