Firefox ends IE’s browser dominance in Europe

MADRID .- A study by Statcounter has revealed that, at least in Europe Firefox is the browser of choice.

It’s a historic fact because it ends the dominance of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which for years has been the browser of choice for users.

The analysis established that 38.11% of internet users in Europe use the Firefox browser, followed by Internet Explorer 37.52%, while the third largest market share lies with Google’s browser, Chrome, with 14.58%.

Since March 2010 the difference between the two began to narrow, and analysts said much of the blame for the drop in Internet Explorer’s market share was not due to Firefox itself, but the arrival of Chrome, Google’s browser, which gained 10% of the market share last year, snatching more than 7% of it from Microsoft’s IE browser share.

Despite the popularity of Google’s offer, according to StatCounter, Internet Explorer remains the most widely used browser in the USA, where it still owns 48.92% of the market.

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