Down Puerto Vallarta

An important BMX cycling event was recently announced, Downtown Puerto Vallarta, which will take place on April 29 and 30. It is the first edition of Down Puerto Vallarta, a series of competitions in Downhill, Slope and Freestyle. The narrow, winding streets in the center of the city fill with excitement. This is the first time an event of such magnitude reaches the city, and everyone is talking about it!


This event is presented by the Board of Tourism of Puerto Vallarta and will bring to Puerto Vallarta 40 of the best specialists in all-terrain cycling of international renown. Due to the physical demands of these types of competitions, this event will be by invitation only. With events like Down Puerto Vallarta, we affirm our vocation as the place for the great sporting event destination, and that offers attractions for all families. You can find more information on the event’s official facebook.

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