Dukan diet, and other miraculous, diet dangers

Recently, a study on the famous Dukan diet reopened debate regarding miracle weight loss diets that work in a short time span, stating that after a year or two, the dieters recover the lost weight.

Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez are two of the followers of the Dukan diet, which consists of a high protein intake and suppression, especially in the first stages, of carbohydrates. What is sought is that the body shall build vital structures, particularly muscle without accumulating fat. This would entail, however, an increase in cholesterol intake, which, in turn, increases the risk of heart and vascular problems.

“Its success lies in a fierce marketing campaign and the support of celebrities, but basically it’s just a high protein and unbalanced diet,” says the Organization of Consumers and Users of Spain. It can also affect the liver and kidneys and cause constipation, fatigue, cramps, headaches and bad breath.”

Claudia Angarita, director of the Colombian Center for Integrated Nutrition, says that every diet should follow a strict medical checkup and be accompanied by a change of living habits and physical activity.

The expert compared five of these restrictive diets (Atkins, Zone Diet, Mediterranean, Ornish and Weight Watchers) and the conclusion was that they do help to lose weight in the short term, but mostly water, not fat; In addition, because they alter the proportions of certain nutrients in the body, they are counterproductive.

Be careful if:

You have lost two or more kilos in a week. You feel very tired and irritable and experience the need to frequently eat in a compulsive way. Weeks after starting the diet, you start to lose hair more than you normally do. Your nails are brittle and you skin is very dry. You feel lightheaded, palpitations or fainting while doing the diet. In the mornings, you feel nauseous and thirsty. Since starting the diet you have bad breath, especially in the morning.

Atkins, famous in the 90’s

A few years ago the famous Atkins diet was in the eye of the hurricane, low in carbohydrates and fiber and high in fats and proteins. For experts, this system created in the 90’s by Robert Atkins, can produce effects similar to those of Dukan diet, and a dangerous lack of vitamins and minerals.

Other methods are controversial diet of asterisks, the Dash, the Atlantic, hallelujah diet or genesis, orthomolecular and Scarsdale. All these diets have in common that they are restrictive with one or more food groups and, according to various nutritionists associations around the world, have no scientific basis. Most popular diets restrict one or more food groups.

How to increase satiety and weight loss?

1. Eat seated, it has been shown that when people eat standing or walking eat more food because they hurry up.
2. Chew: It promotes the digestive process and makes you eat more slowly and reach satiety faster.
3. Every three mouthfuls leave the fork and knife on the plate for a moment, that calms you, it slows down the intake speed and makes you eat less.
4. Choose your eating periods wisely, during breakfast food is better assimilated, because the body needs energy to start the day. At night, the body tends to store the energy intake. Eat more in the morning and less in the evening.

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