“Conversaciones con mamá”, starring Jesús Ochoa and Queta Lvat.

LvatJesús Ochoa is a Mexican actor and comedian who stands out for his work in film, dubbing, television and theater. The actor lent his voice to the character “Manny” in the Ice Age. Join him this Tuesday, October 31: “Conversations with Mom”, starring Jesus Ochoa and Queta Lvat.

The reality of the characters is very different, in the case of Jaime has a wife, two children, house, two cars and a mother-in-law to attend, while Mama tries to cope with her old age. The scene changes when Jaime is fired from his job and has to sell the department of Mama, which unleashes amusing situations, intense problems and reflections on the importance of family and giving the necessary value to things.

The staging with Jesús Ochoa and Queta Lavat is under the production of Rubén Lara and directed by Antonio Castro.

Tickets on sale at theater ticket offices and via E-ticket:

19:00 HRS: https://goo.gl/fcVtJb
21:30 HRS: https://goo.gl/uc34dF

We will wait for you!

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