Charro Day

On Thursday, September 14, the appointment is at 9:00 am for the “Charro Day” Parade, which is part of General San Martín (one block from Avenida Union) and Niños Héroes, pass in front of the historic monument at Edge of 11 am, continue through Chapultepec and Av. Washington to reach the desire of the 12 times national champions. The invitation to all the Jalisco associations is run to join this important celebration.

In the Tournament Charro, at 12 noon, announced the two-time national champion Triana de Jalisco, Three Gifts of Cancun and the celebrated Charros de Jalisco, leaving from four in the afternoon to: Carlos Sánchez Llaguno, Tapatía de Charros, Regional Of Jalisco and Charros de Occidente. The complete schedule of the festivities can be found in this link.

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