Cabo San Lucas web cam, a new location

Cabo San Lucas, one of the favorite tourist destinations for US and Canadian tourists has a new location for it’s main web cam. Visit the Cabo San Lucas web cam at

The Axis webcam was previously located on the Cabo San Lucas Marina lighthouse, where it would rove around the area, with views of the Cabo hills, the marina, the dolphinarium and bars around the Marina.

The Cabo Webcam has now moved to Mango Deck Bar, a beach-side bar and night-time activity attraction on El Medano Beach. Medano is known for being one of the most popular beaches in the Los Cabos area, the beach is calm, well located, close to town, many water sport activities are available, cruise ships anchor in the area and you have a panoramic view of the bay.

So needless to say, the Cabo San Lucas web cam now has a great location too, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful panorama  of Los Cabos as the web camera moves from the Cape to Cabo San Lucas, along the beach from right to left and focuses on the Tourist corridor, before returning to the Cape view.

The webcam is currently in maintainance (27 de Dic. 2011)

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