Beyoncé’s new album “4” arrives June 28

BERLIN .- The singer Beyoncé summarized that her new album “4” is “definitely an evolution,” on her Facebook account.

One of the most famous pop divas, will release her new album in these following days, simply titled 4, which will hit stores in Latin America and Spain on June 28.

“The more mature I am, the more things I have to tell,” said the former Destiny’s Child in relation to this new album, which aims to provide a new sound to her followers, now discussed in Internet forums.

Some of the songs on 4 were released on the Internet before the album’s official release and Beyoncé stated: “It’s not the way we wanted to present my songs, but I’m glad of the positive reaction from my fans”. However, this response of her followers was not reflected in the music charts. The single “Run The World (Girls)” has been eight weeks on the US-Billboard Charts and has not been able to climb beyond number 29.

The singer was accustomed to occupy higher chart positions, but her new mix of genres does not seem so exciting at the moment.

Beyoncé Knowles has spent the last two years preparing this album, in which important producers have participated. His inspiration lies in the legendary figures of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and the Nigerian singer Fela Kuti, she said in an interview with MTV.

In 4 , the singer of 29 years wants to escape from the R&B shelves. “It’s not R&B, is not your typical pop, not rock, is just everything I love mixed up,” she said. “It’s the kind of album that a pop star makes when they feel they have something to prove,” said Rolling Stone magazine.

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