Barack Obama punished in the legislative elections

Republicans win their most significant victory in 60 years in the lower house.

By winning at least 60 seats, Republicans are located well above what they needed to obtain a majority that seeks to put Barack Obama’s agenda against the wall.

Although on Wednesday there are at least a dozen seats that have not been awarded because the results are very tight, the counts indicates that the Republicans have secured 240 seats, some accounts say they are 239 – out of 435 that make up the House. The Democrats have 183 and the remaining twelve are in dispute.

In the Senate, Democrats managed to maintain a simple majority because, at this point three of the 37 seats at stake have yet to be awarded, the Democrats have 51 seats while the Republicans 46.

The results confirm that, indeed, the midterm elections represent a punishment for President Barack Obama, who plans to offer a press conference to analyze the data.

The positive news for the White House was that, at least, they saved the seat of Harry Reid, Nevada Senator and Democratic Majority Leader in the Senate, which has been a great ally of the president’s most controversial policies in the financial and health areas, which has nearly cost him the job.

In the view of Republicans as re-elected Congressman from Virginia, Eric Cantor told the morning TV today, what happened during these elections has more to do with a rejection of Obama’s policies than actual support of the Republican Party.

But, he said, in any case “people want to see results.” The economy will undoubtedly be the major issue dominating the second half of the mandate of Obama as voter polls have made it clear that 62 percent of the electorate states it is the subject of greatest concern.

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