Apple reduces Lion OS price and iCloud is now free

SAN FRANCISCO .- As expected, Steve Jobs unveiled in the main conference of the World Wide Developers Conference 2011 the arrival of Mac OS X Lion, in addition to updating the iOS version, now in its 5th version – and the real news: iCloud, a storage and file sharing service based on the cloud.

What was not expected was that the new version of the operating system would be sold for $29.99, that is, $100 less than any other update for this platform in its previous versions. Nor that the much talked about cloud service was to be free, specially when MobileMe, a similar offer from Apple, was $100 dollars annually for many years.

The president and co-founder of the company was commissioned to deliver the news that had already been leaked a week ago. Although some analysts have claimed that a preview of the new iPhone 5, was shelved by Jobs for a later moment.

“Many believe that the cloud is a large hard drive,” said Jobs. “iCloud stores your content in the cloud and pushes it wirelessly to all your devices.”

Lion, the name chosen for the new version of the Mac operating system, has 250 new features, including support for multitouch gestures to manipulate application windows and web browsing, it now also allows multiple applications in full screen and navigate then with your fingers using the trackpad.

Craig Federighi, vice president of OS X software, explained that the new platform provides access to multiple windows and removes the scroll bar, cleaning up the user’s visual field. For example, you can now review the history of pages navigated with a finger swipe.

The new system also integrates the Mac App Store, so that applications can be bought simply, and even the new Lion OS will be distributed through the store and no longer on a DVD, as has hitherto been the case.

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