Apple launches iOS 4.2 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

After several days of rumors and speculation, Apple released the new iOS 4.2, for for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone and according to the manufacturer will provide 100 new features.

While this update is one of the most important ones, the main benefited are the owners of the iPad, as this iOS 4.2 adds the option of multitasking that allows users to keep multiple applications open at once and switch between them almost immediately.

Another new iPad feature, is that it offers the possibility of grouping applications into folders, which was already available for the iPhone.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in a statement that “once again, the iPad 4.2 iOS defines the goal other tablets need to aspire to, but very few, if any, will ever achieve.”

On the IPAD, iPhone and iPod Touch, the new operating system integrates a new Game Center, which allows users to challenge and play with friends or connect automatically with new opponents, they can also show off their scores and achievements, and discover new games.

In addition, a freely available tool “Search my iPhone”, which until now was available on MobileMe, allows you to find the device on a map, displaying a message on your screen and secure remote password.

After getting their device back, a user can restore from the last backup.

Another new tool is Air Print, which thanks to the Wi Fi connection simplifies the task of printing and completely eliminates the use of any drivers.

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