Apple files iPhone patent violation against Samsung

SEOUL .- Apple today filed a complaint against Samsung Electronics of South Korea for patent violation in a Seoul court stating it copied the design of its popular iPhone, a new chapter in the ongoing legal battle.

According to South Korean news agency “Yonhap” Apple requested the Seoul Central District Court that Samsung be forced to stop selling and producing its product line with touch screens and its electronic tablets in the local Korean market due to this patent violation.

As in the complaint filed in April in the U.S. against the South Korean multinational, Apple argues that Galaxy Samsung phones and tablet Galaxy Tab infringe iPhone touch screen patented technologies, as well as the external design and popular button from the “smartphone”.

“Samsung competition illegally damages and seriously hampers the recognition of Apple’s iPhone, stripping it of its distinctive features,” says Apple’s complaint, according to a Justice official cited by “Yonhap.”

The complaint comes in the middle of a row between both companies that are trying to take the lead in the profitable and growing market for “smartphones” where the pioneer iPhone remains the leader, while the Galaxy increases their popularity and sales and closes in on its rival the Apple iPad.

After allegations of Apple in April against Samsung, the giant South Korean second largest manufacturer of phones, also reported ten patent violations against the California company in South Korea, Japan and Germany. Despite their differences in courts, both companies are partners, Samsung provides Apple electronic components that are used in the Apple iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

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