Amazon sells twice as many bestsellers in digital format

NEW YORK .- Amazon sold three times more electronic books this year than the same period in 2009, at a company which actually started off as an online book retailer fifteen years ago, and currently sells twice as many “best sellers” in digital format than in hard-copies.

The company, which also sells its own electronic book reader (Kindle), stated in a press release that in the last thirty days digital sales have overtaken those of the printed formats both among the top ten, as well as among the top 25, the top hundred and top thousand.

Even “among the ten best sellers on, customers are choosing Kindle digital books over hardcover and pocket version put together in a ratio of two to one,” said vice president of Amazon Kindle, Steve Kessel.

In his view, this milestone is more important when you consider that Amazon, which has already become the largest internet store for the United States of all kinds of products, “has been selling books printed during the last fifteen years, and Kindle versions only 36 months.”

Despite these advances, the Seattle based company maintains its policy not to give accurate data on how many Kindle readers it has sold, although it says it is the most sold product in its history.

Last week, Amazon reported earnings of $736 million (1.62 dollars per share) in the first nine months of 2010, representing an increase of 42% over the same period in 2009.

Only in the third quarter net profit rose 16% over the same three months last year, and reached $231 million (51 cents per share).

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