Alejandro González Iñárritu thinks “Biutiful” is Oscar material

– Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu today stated that he feels proud that his movie “Biutiful” will represent Mexico in the race for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

The movie was nominated by the Mexican Film Academy to compete with the other sixty-something non-English movies that aspire to be among the five films seeking to win an Oscar in that category.

The director said on a phone interview with Mexican journalists, from Los Angeles, where he is at the moment, that “Biutiful” being selected to compete for the coveted award “is already a de facto recognition.”

“When I arrived and I told my children that ‘Biutiful’ would represent Mexico is when I realized that this was important. Representing an entire country, an entire nation, in this case my nation, made me feel extremely proud and responsible too,” he said.

González Iñárritu said that the U.S. has been invaded by “plastic” movies and that the country has drastically reduced the quality of audiences for any movie that is not spoken in English.

The director explained that anything “that speaks of human beings, feelings,” like his film “Biutiful” is immediately rejected, and that is the main challenge to overcome on the way to the Oscars.

The filmmaker said that “Biutiful” is likely to be among the five movie finalists at the Academy Awards because “it has the necessary rigor and strength.”

González Iñárritu said that cinema is not like football, where anything can happen. “The movie is finished and nothing can be changed, it now has to all of the work alone”, in his point of view.

“Biutiful” will be the third time that González Iñárritu seeks a golden statue from the U.S. Film Academy. The first was with “Amores Perros” in 2000 and then with “Babel” in 2007.

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