5K Race “Color Running”

Running Riviera Nayarit invites everyone to the 5K Race “Color Running” to be held in Puerto Vallarta next Sunday June 4, 2017. During the race colored powders will be disperced to color the shirts of the runners, so that at the end of the Event, the runner has a multicolored jersey. All people who cross the goal will participate in a raffle where they will be raffled BIG SURPRISES !.

Meeting point: Sports Unit, Agustín Flores Contreras, (Estadio)
Date: 04-JUN-2017
Time: 8:40 am
Exit and goal: Unidad Deportiva, Agustín Flores Contreras (Stadium)
Route: 5k by Av. Fco. Medina Ascencio, return in front of the Holiday Inn Hotel

Registration: runningrivieranayarit.com

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