22% of tablets sold worldwide use Android

NEW YORK .- Google Android’s software obtained a 22% of the tablet market in the fourth quarter, behind Apple iPad which has an important advantage.

Research firm Strategy Analytics said that the percentage of Apple in the tablet market worldwide fell to 75% in the fourth quarter, compared to 95% in the third quarter, while the overall market grew by 120% to almost 10 million units.

The Samsung’s Galaxy tablet was the main competitor of the iPad in that period, as it went on sale in dozens of countries, it said.

Samsung reported that it sold two million tablet Galaxy in the last three months, still quite far from the Apple model, which sold over 7 million iPads in the fourth quarter. It was unclear whether the two companies were talking about the same period.

Strategy Analytics expects Android to increase its market share in the first half of this year with the arrival of new devices such as Motorola’s Xoom.

However, Canada’s Research In Motion will add more competition to the booming market with the launch of its Playbook tablet towards the end of this quarter.

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