20% of iPad owners use it in the bathroom

The technological revolution caused by the Apple iPad has left some of the most common human habits intact, that is, reading while in the bathroom. A new survey reveals that 21% of men use the Apple gadget while on the toilet. For women, the amount is only 12%.

The study called “Generation i” and conducted by the consulting firm YouGov, said that 87% of users use the iPad every day of the week.

Of the more than a thousand respondents, six out of ten said they are neophytes in the use of new technologies, and instead classified themselves as those who wait for a gadget to be tested before buying one.

Half of the respondents were inclined to reading magazines on the Apple device instead of a printed edition, a fact that makes it obvious for editorial groups to invest heavily in the technology, mainly in the United States so they can offer their contents on this platform.

On the subject of advertising, just a third of users felt that the iPad is the best platform for ads, and that they have a better impact on the reader, while 42% said they are more likely to pay attention to this device’s advertising than on print.

Another relevant data from the study is that the owners of an iPad have reduced the time time they spend on desktop computers by up to 35%. The use of laptop fell further at 39%.

This Friday in Mexico formally began selling the Apple iPad 2.

After midnight, seven stores opened simultaneously that were announced to begin the sale of equipment that costs 6,999 pesos (580 dollars, WiFi and 16 GB) to 11,988 pesos (1000 dollars, WiFi and 3G to 64 GB) .

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