20% of all Facebook accounts are infected with malware

BARCELONA .- According to the security company BitDefender, 20% of Facebook profiles include links to malware.

In order to obtain this number, the security company analyzed statistical data provided by the application Safego, which offers protection for social network users, reporting security level and identifying personal information that is visible to strangers.

In order too infect the FB users, cyber criminals publish their malware applications through messages on the walls of the users.

If you click on them you will be taken to a page that is similar to Facebook’s legal applications, including the “I Like” button and another button so you can invite your friends to test the application.

Here is where the criminal show all their lawless talent, because that same page explains that design changes will only be seen by those who have also downloaded the application. This encourages users to share the information with their friends and in turn this helps to spread the threat.

Furthermore, by pressing the “I Like” button, users help to give credibility to the malicious tool, since any new user who accesses the false tool page will find that many people are satisfied with it and will therefore not believe that is false or malicious.

If the user clicks the hyperlink that leads to the application, they are prompted to download a plugin, which is actually an adware detected by BitDefender as Adware.FlvDirect. 6 and like all malware of this genre is designed to display ads while browsing the Internet or when you use your computer.

“The fact that it is free and that the design change is not visible to friends of users unless those friends also download the application adds a plus for both the idea that the application is legitimate as they want to have the users share it with their friends,” said Marketing Director BitDefender for Spain, Portugal and Latin America, Jocelyn Otero.

But the ingenuity of cyber-criminals does not stop there. Another call to action encourages users to make five times click on a banner ad. If the user does this, nothing bad will happen, but it will help the cyber criminals make money as they receive a certain amount of money from advertisers for each click these banners get.

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