Windows 7 has sold 240 million licenses

– Lately there’s been a lot of hype regarding Apple’s success, but their nemesis is also having a record-breaking year. In addition to launching a new mobile operating system, Microsoft hit the ball out of the stadium with Windows 7’s first year results.

According to Microsoft, Win7 has sold 240 million licenses worldwide in its first 12 months (it was released on October 22, 2009), making it the fastest selling operating system in history. The success surely explains why the arrival of W7 was like offering water to wanderers in a desert.

After the Windows Vista fiasco, millions of Windows users around the world were desperate for an update. Indeed, despite the record growth of W7, most Windows users still have Windows XP on their machines, a software that is already a decade old.

One of the most interesting facts revealed by Microsoft is that 93% of the worldwide sales of new personal computers have Windows 7 pre-installed. Although there are no independent studies to confirm or contradict these numbers, there are facts that suggest that the growth of Windows7 is a veritable phenomenon.

Up until June 2010, Microsoft had sold 150 million licenses, equivalent to selling 16.6 million copies each month. In the following quarter, Windows 7 sold 90 million copies or 30 million per month. At this rate, in October 2011 W7 will be installed on 600 million computers.

With everything that happened with Vista, Zune and Windows Mobile, many thought that Microsoft would suffer a slow death, something that is surely a rushed prediction.

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